Product Test: Airace Fit Tele M Hand Pump

Airace is a Taiwan-based company that makes a line of multi-tools, mini bike-wash pressure sprayers, and a line of floor and hand tire pumps. Their $21 Fit Tele M is a compact, handheld pump small enough to carry in a jersey pocket.

Tech features:

Our Airace Fit Tele M hand pump was 6.5 inches long and weighed 3.9 ounces. The pump uses an aluminum telescopic design and an aluminum lever to secure the pump on the valve. The pump head, which will work on Presta- or Schrader-style valves by swapping some internal parts, is attached to an extractable hose. The pump head also has a dust cap and comes with a frame-mount bracket.

Field test results:
So many hand pumps have a disposable feel to them. Not the Airace. Although it weighs little more than an energy bar and fits as easily into a jersey pocket, the little pump feels solid in your hand. Slip the pump head onto the valve and lock it in place by rotating the aluminum lever. The neatest feature is the extractable hose that protects the valve. If you have ever damaged a valve while pumping, you will under- stand how valuable this feature is. It takes about 200 pumps to inflate a large-volume 26-inch tire to 35 psi, and the pump’s volume is large enough that you won’t get arm pump as the pressure increases.