“Carbon” is a huge buzzword these days. We hear the word and we get excited, like a kid who is about to blow his allowance in a toy store. When the term “enduro” is combined with “carbon,” well, now we’re talking. The two go together like rocks and dirt. But, in spite of how much excitement there is about carbon fiber components, there is also plenty of skepticism. Some riders question the durability of carbon, while others are turned off by the high cost. Well, Enduroworx seeks to alleviate these concerns with its All-Mountain 27.5-inch carbon wheelset. These wheels are less expensive than other options and are designed to take punishment out on the trail. The Mountain Bike Action wrecking crew couldn’t resist the opportunity to slap on these slick-looking wheels and give them a try.

Tech features:

At the core of the Enduroworx AM wheelset is the carbon fiber rim. The hoop has an external width of 30 millimeters and an internal width of 26 millimeters. The rims are ready to accept 32-hole hubs and are designed to be tough, stiff and light. Our particular build utilized a Hope Pro 2 EVO straight-pull hub set (9/10-speed hub body) with DT Swiss spokes and nipples. Did we also mention that the wheels are tubeless-ready? Total weight for the wheelset (without tires, tubes, brake rotors and the cassette) is 1700 grams, but the best thing about these wheels is the price tag of $999 per wheelset. Yes, that includes both a front and rear wheel.

Field test results:

Testing didn’t start off the smoothest for us. When we first received the wheelset, we noticed that the spoke tension varied on each wheel. So before the wheels ever touched dirt, we had them evenly tensioned to avoid any potential issues down the road. This had nothing to do with the construction of the Enduroworx rims themselves but the quality of the wheel build. We spoke to Enduroworx about this, and they assured us that they have addressed the issue with their wheel builders.   

Once the spoke tension was resolved, we mounted the wheels on our trusty test bike and started putting them through the wringer. Initially, we were very apprehensive about these carbon wheels, since we are not used to running carbon hoops on a bike that endures so much punishment on the unforgiving terrain of our test trails. But, as we pushed the wheels harder and harder on rock-filled trails, both locally and at Snow Summit Bike Park, we couldn’t help but gain trust in the Enduroworx wheels. The wide internal rim width created a great tire profile that helped the cornering ability of the 2.4-inch tires we were running. The hub engagement of the Hope Pro 2 EVO hubs was spot-on, and the lightweight feel of the wheels helped with out-of-the-corner acceleration.

We pushed the wheels through downhill-bike-worthy terrain and had no issues. After a few particularly hard runs at Snow Summit, one of our test riders reached down and checked the spoke tension and trueness. He was blown away to discover that the wheels were still spinning like new. In fact, the wheels remained truer than the equivalent-weight all-mountain wheels we had been running. We were definitely impressed with how well the wheelset performed. For riders looking to get their hands on a carbon wheelset that holds up to enduro riding but won’t break the bank, the Enduroworx AM 27.5 wheelset is the ticket.



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