Product Test: Everysight Raptor Glasses

If you’ve seen the movie Top Gun, then at one point or another you’ve probably stopped and wondered what your life would be like if you were a real-life fighter jet pilot. Well, thanks to Everysight, that dream might be closer than you think. Although you’ll likely never have the chance to fly an 80-million-dollar military plane, some of the technology used by these pilots is now available through Everysight’s Raptor AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. Wait a minute; what is augmented reality? Well, the best definition we could find is that AR is a technology designed to enrich the real world by overlaying information and media in front of your eyes.

Everysight’s heritage stems from Elbit Systems, an Israeli-based international defense electronics company and market leader in helmet-mounted displays. The all-new Raptor glasses have been in development for over 15 years with the goal of bringing the AR experience to the consumer level. Armed with our new Raptor glasses, we shuffled through our Top Gun playlist and hit the trails.

Tech features:

Everysight packed its Raptor glasses with an impressive list of features, including an Android operating system, a 13.2-megapixel camera, the ability to play music and its Beam technology that displays all your information in front of your eyes. The glasses we tested came with 32GB of storage. The display screen can be personalized to show the information you’re looking for, such as speed, heart rate, distance and much more. The menu is toggled through by swiping left or right on the side of the glasses. Voice commands or a remote can also be used to control operations. The glasses have built-in GPS and will even display live maps. Various other sensors are built in, including an internal speaker and two microphones. These glasses weigh 98 grams and have a retail price of $700. A 16GB version is available for $50 less. Additional lenses and the remote control are sold separately.

Field test results:

Once we received our Raptors, we quickly tossed them on and went for some laps around the neighborhood. The functions take some getting used to, but once you have them dialed in, it becomes easy to swipe through the menu. We quickly noticed, however, that these shades aren’t exactly made to mesh well with modern enduro helmets due to their larger size. That said, the glasses were compatible with just about every cross-country helmet we tried. At 98 grams, these aren’t exactly heavy, but compared to a “dumb” pair of sunglasses, the weight is noticeable. The adjustable nosepiece did add some comfort. Once on the trails, our test rider couldn’t help but stare at the data, which unfortunately resulted in him hitting the dirt hard. The display doesn’t obstruct your view, but a quick glance will take your eyes off the trails. The Raptors seem to be tailored more towards road riding where less attention to terrain is needed. These AR glasses are impressively high tech and could easily be a direct replacement for your cycling computer, but the heads-up display might not work well for everyone. It’s something you have to experience and judge for yourself. For $700, you get a POV action cam- era, a GPS computer, and a pair of protec- tive and durable shades all in one; however, we would have a hard time recommending these advanced sunglasses to the average mountain biker.


• High-tech glasses packed with many cool features

• Built-in camera captures unique POV riding footage


• Raptors feel heavy compared to standard glasses

• Too expensive for most riders

Star Rating-★★☆☆☆


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