Product Test: Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit

Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit

Wrenches on the go


Tech Features: While the repair stand has been a main part of the Feedback catalog since 2008, the tool catalog is fairly new. The Feedback Sports tools are all purpose-built and come in convenient cases to make them optimized for easy mobility and to work with their stands. The kit consists of 19 tools, with many of them having multiple purposes. For example, the small #0 Phillips-head screwdriver has a crankarm cap tool on the other end. Out of the 19 tools, there are 31 total tool functions.

In the shop: The whole tool kit is well-built, and the thermoplastic polyurethane-coated nylon case is durable. There is almost every tool you would need to maintain a bicycle. Of course, there are plenty of specialty tools not included, but overall, we haven’t had a single case where we needed more unless we were doing a from-bare-frame build. A few key tools that have been getting the most use would be the combination bottom bracket wrench (fits lock rings on disc brakes)/cassette lock-ring wrench and chain pliers.

We also use the three fixed three-way tools, and the steel-core tire levers with brake-pad spreader are useful. The chain breaker is not ideal, but with some determination it can get the job done. The case mates perfectly with any of their repair stands with the included support and straps that allow it to hang from the top of the stand.

Field test results: The Team Edition tool kit sells for $250 and has more tools than the average cyclist would need for basic maintenance (the $110 Ride Prep kit would fit that bill), but it is one of the most convenient and slim tool kits on the market. It condenses a large selection of tools into a purpose-built package that doesn’t take up excess room while leaving room to add onto the kit.

Each tool has a dedicated position keeping things organized. It fills the void for those who want to be able to perform basic repairs as well as a few more advanced ones too.


  • All the basic tools with a few that you didn’t know you would need
  • Room to grow without adding bulk
  • A few tools that aren’t perfect but get the job done


  • Mechanical skills not included

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