Product Test: Fyxation Mesa Platform Pedals

The $47.95 Fyxation Mesa platform pedals are intended for riders who don’t want to clip in.

Tech features:

Mesa platform pedals use a high-impact nylon body that is 4 inches wide and 3.75 inches long. They use sealed bearings with a chromoly spindle. Eight pins (per side) are replaceable. The light pedals (6.2 ounces each) have a thin 3/4-inch width.

Field test results:
Grab the Mesa platforms and you’ll be shocked by how light they feel. These pedals are actually lighter than Shimano XTR Trail pedals, thanks to their nylon bodies. They mounted easily, and we beat the daylights out of them for months without being able to detect any sign of wear. So why only two stars? The high spot on the platform feels like it is in the center of the pedal where the spindle is housed. This gives your foot the feeling of a truck that is high-centered on a railroad crossing. Most riders prefer an even or slightly concave contact area when riding platforms. We tried, but we could never find an advantage to this speed-bump platform design.