Product Test: G-Form Pro-X2 Knee Guards

G-Form Pro-X2 Knee Guards

The next generation of protection

G-Form is the original innovator of minimalist knee pads, offering riders the ability to pedal with comfort. Since G-Form’s initial launch, the knee-pad market has become wildly competitive, with more and more companies diving in each year. While we’re sure G-Form is stoked to see riders inspired to wear more safety equipment, we would also guess it would like to see that equipment be its own. In an effort to enhance its product, G-Form launched the new Pro X2 knee guards. These pads build off the original design while introducing features to increase rider comfort. We have been riding with these knee pads for the past few months on all kinds of trails and have finally reached our conclusion.

Tech features: G-Form continues to use the same Reactive Protection Technology (a flexible material with the ability to harden on impact) that made G-Form pads such a revolutionary product; however, three updates were made to enhance rider comfort. The first change was a longer sleeve. Not only does the longer sleeve prevent unwanted knee-pad thigh gap, it also helps hold the pads in place. G-Form also improved its silicone grippers to further secure the pads while pedaling, and ventilation was improved by adding small holes near the front of the padding for increased air flow. All of these minor tweaks add up to major performance improvements on the trail.

Field test results: The first generation of knee pads from G-Form caught our attention as soon as they hit the scene. They were lightweight, comfortable and protective, but as other options became available, our testers began to look elsewhere. That all seemed to change once we got our hands on the Pro-X2 pads. These minor updates made all the difference, causing our riders to consistently grab these pads day after day. The extended length and improved grip offered an excellent fit. Additionally, the small vent holes provided more air flow than the previous design. It’s the attention to small details that makes these pads great. In fact, these have been our go-to pads for the past few months. If you’re in the market for a set of knee pads sturdy enough for the MBA wrecking crew, we recommend slipping into a pair of the $60 Pro-X2s.

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