Product Test: Genuine Innovations Race Day MTB Kit

Genuine Innovations Race Day MTB Kit

The fastest way to get back into the game

It is pretty much game over if a racer punctures any time past the halfway mark of an event unless he or she is carrying a CO2 inflator. No company knows this better than Genuine Innovations. They offer lots of fast-inflation solutions for racers and the rest of us who would rather not sit in the sun, rain or cold pumping a tire. The $25 Race Day MTB kit includes everything you need to get back in the race fast after a puncture.

Tech features: The Race Day MTB kit includes an Air Chuck Elite nozzle with push-to-inflate technology, a 40-gram BigAir cartridge and a mounting system. The all-metal mini inflator accepts most of Genuine Innovations’ threaded cartridges and BigAir cartridges. The universal mount attaches to the frame or component using hook-and-loop straps. The made-in-the-USA kit with all- mounting hardware and a BigAir canister weighs 3.1 ounces. You can reach Genuine Innovations at (520) 295-3936.

Field test results: The mounting bracket is a lightweight design that allows you to mount the kit on a frame tube or component like a stem, handlebar or, in our case, seatpost. We mounted it on the front side of the seatpost to protect it from rear-wheel debris. It stayed in place, never got in the way of our legs and was easily accessible. A pin on the mounting hardware tucks into the Air Chuck and does two things: keeps the chuck right where you want it and keeps the grit out.

Once needed, just screw the BigAir cartridge onto the inflator until the cartridge is pierced. Back it off a fraction of a turn. Hold the Air Chuck by its sides (don’t put your thumb over the black circle, because that has to move to release the gas), slide it onto the valve and then push the inflator forward to release the gas into the tire. Don’t freak out, but the cartridge gets ice-cold when your tire inflates. A $7 BigAir cartridge will inflate two tires to over 30 psi, so it is a good thing that you don’t have to blast the entire cartridge. The Air Chuck Elite allows you to use the gas you want and save the rest for the next puncture.

There is no faster?way to inflate a tire? unless you happen to be within reach of a compressor. If you are a racer, it is a no-brainer. It would come in handy for any rider who flats while trying to beat an approaching storm or the setting sun. The MBA wrecking crew is a cheap bunch, but we always have a Race Day MTB kit on the bike. If we have time, we’ll use a hand pump. If we need to get going fast, we know we can count on our Race Day MTB kit to get us rolling again.

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