Product Test: GUP Quick-Fix Sealant And Inflator

Having a flat tire is never a fun situation, especially when you run a tubeless tire; however, GUP is a new company that claims to have the secret formula for reinflating and resealing tubeless tires. This month the wrecking crew added one of these magic cans from GUP to our packs and hit the trails with the goal of being as abusive to our tires as possible. Smashing into rock after rock, we finally got the flat tire we were hoping for.

Tech Features:

GUP is an eco-friendly, latex-based formula that inflates and seals punctured tires within seconds. There are no tools necessary, and a single can will inflate a tire in under a minute—start to finish. The can weighs 122 grams. It is considered the ultimate backup plan and will run you about $15 a can.

Field test results:

After splitting a knobby on a rock, we gave the magic can a try. The company claims a container of GUP can seal a 2mm puncture and inflate a 27.5×2.4-inch or 29×2.4-inch tubeless tire up to 35 psi.

Our tire puncture was the ultimate test. Looking at it, we guessed that we’d be putting a plug or tube in for sure. We rolled the valve up to the 12 o’clock position, opened the valve and released all of the original air still in the tire. We then fitted the GUP yellow cap over the valve and began inflating the tire. The 29×2.2-inch tire inflated beyond the 27 pounds of pressure we started with. Just a little bit of foam oozed past the valve, but it probably would have been even less if we were more experienced using the GUP. We spun the tire and—voila!—success. No need for a plug on this one, and no issues at all a dozen rides later. In all honesty, we don’t know how the GUP worked better than the tubeless sealant already inside, but we decided not to question it, as the process was a lot easier than installing a tube or tire plug. If you are looking for an all-in-one tire fix, this just might be the product for you.

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