Product Test: Lazer Oasiz Helmet with GoPro Mount

Eye in the sky: The Lazer GoPro mount positions the camera where its weight is least noticeable and the vantage point gives it a good filming angle.

Lazer Helmets, Mr. Brian Lopes’ lid provider of choice, has added a feature to their Oasiz trail rider’s helmet. In addition to all the Oasiz’ key features, Lazer now offers an integrated GoPro camera case mount. The Oasiz helmet sells for $145, plus $10 for the GoPro camera mount option.

Tech features: The Oasiz uses Lazer’s Rollsys, an integrated mechanism that surrounds your head and is tightened or loosened by turning a thumb wheel located on top of the hel- met’s shell near the rear of the helmet. The helmet’s retention strap is secured by Lazer’s Magic Buckle, a small mag- netic buckle that takes the place of a conventional mechanical snap buckle. The head basket is adjustable. The Rigidity Brace System, an in-molded structure to improve impact resistance, strengthens the helmet’s co-molded shell and liner. Our large helmet weighed 12.7 ounces (with the camera mount, but without the camera) and is available in a number of colors, but only in medium and large sizes. 

Field test results:
Trying a new retention strap buckle makes us ner- vous. It took a long time for us to trust mechanical snap buckles after years of using D-ring-secured helmets. We over- came our fear of the Magic Buckle after the first few rides. It is conve- nient. It is a one-handed operation to snap it, and a two-finger operation to release it. It is secure. Once snapped, it is not going to release accidentally.

The Rollsys snugs the helmet evenly around your head and is easy to use, even with gloves on. We like the transparent visor on our neon yellow helmet. The helmet ventilates well, and we never sensed a pressure point from the interior pads or liner.

The camera mount takes away all the hassles of strapping a camera mount to the helmet. The GoPro case snaps in and out easily and is positioned in the optimumal position to hide its weight (centered on the helmet shell). But, therein lies the problem: weight.

Shot from the top: The helmet-mounted camera gives a sweet vantage point and much smoother video than a handlebar mounted option.

The GoPro camera and case weigh 6.5 ounces. That’s over half the weight of the helmet, and it sticks almost 4 inches above the shell of the helmet. The added weight may not be an issue for downhillers who use full-face helmets, but that much weight gain is intolerable for a trail rider. After a few hours of riding with the camera, you will begin to feel every seam of the liner. Even the soft pads start to bug you. Just turning your head to set up for that off-camber turn reveals the camera weight.

The Oasiz is an innovative, stylish and comfortable helmet that we can recommend. We can’t, however, recommend attaching your GoPro to the top of it for more than a section at a time. Luckily, the camera clicks in or out easily. 

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