Product Test: Lizard Skins G-Love Gloves


Lizard Skins made a name for itself with protective products for your frame and suspension components, so it makes sense that they would branch out into protection for your skin with the $22.50 Lizard Skins G-Love full-fingered glove.

            Tech features:
This is a simple long-fingered glove that has minimal padding and an open-wrist design. Ready for the glove’s ingredients? Clarion leather, breathable nylon mesh, breathable popcorn mesh, terry cloth, neoprene foam, silicone and TRP (a rubber). It comes in lime green or red in all the popular sizes. You can reach Lizard Skins at (801) 785-7546.

            Field test results: The G-Love glove slips on with a pull-tab designed into the glove’s upper. There is no uncomfortable strap or hook-and-loop nonsense at the wrist. The Clarion palm is ultra thin for a great hand-to-grip connection, except for two strategically positioned pads to guard against hand numbness. The upper stretches so well that you will be tempted to buy a size smaller than usual and allow the glove to custom-stretch to your hand’s shape. We like thin, minimal, full-fingered gloves for trail riding, but you end up going through two or three sets a season. Lizard Skins has erred on the side of durability. While these may not be the lightest and thinnest gloves out there, they are not too far off, and they will blow the others away with their durability. Normally, a long-term test (we have been using these exact gloves since March of 2011) results in removing a star or two, but it is the opposite in this case. After close to a year of testing, these gloves show no signs of giving up. We have tossed them in the washer at least 30 times, and they always come out looking great. The already comfortable glove just keeps getting more comfortable. We have tested a lot of gloves over the last year and always find ourselves going back to the G-Loves.

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