Product Test: Oakley DRT5 Helmet

Oakley DRT5 Helmet

Oakley is well-regarded as an industry leader in eyewear with products that span a long list of competitive and action sports; however, the reputable sunglasses company has made strides in another market. That’s right, Oakley, after introducing a road bike helmet just last year, has entered the mountain bike world with the allnew DRT5. This helmet is designed to integrate eyewear all while adding function, protection and style. The helmet industry is not an easy one to break into, especially with the rise of proprietary protection systems; however, Oakley called in the big guns for this project, utilizing the help of legendary downhill racer Greg Minnaar. With a stamp of approval from one of mountain biking’s most admired riders, this new helmet had our testers eager to put the DRT5 to the test.

Tech features:

Oakley packed a laundry list of features into the new DRT5 helmet, with the most notable feature being Oakley’s solution to carrying sunglasses when you don’t want to wear them. Two mechanical clips at the back of the helmet handle this task. Other features include a MIPS liner for safety and a BOA closure system to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. A washable silicone sweat guard sits at the front of the helmet to prevent sweat from dripping onto and streaking your eyewear. Oakley didn’t forget about the goggle-toting crowd and made the DRT5 compatible by allowing the visor to flip up almost vertically for goggle storage. The visor can be adjusted to six positions, keeping it out of your field of view while keeping the sun out of your eyes. And last, the DRT5 helmet we tested had a camo pattern underneath, adding a little extra style to an already sweet-looking helmet. Oakley sells the DRT5 for $200.

Field test results:

Once they spun the A lid with everything and more BOA dial on the backside of this Oakley helmet, our testers were sold; however, this helmet continued to prove its worth out on the trails. Besides the somewhat gimmicky sunglasses holder, which by the way held our glasses tight and never dropped a pair during testing, the DRT5 helmet is a standout product. Our test riders all agreed that Oakley nailed the fit of this helmet. Riders didn’t feel like they were wearing a helmet at all. The sweat guide is a well-thoughtout feature that creates a gutter designed to divert sweat from dripping into a rider’s eyes. A MIPS liner ensures safety, and the styling of this lid will have you eating lunch at the cool kids’ table. With all that said, we enjoyed wearing Oakley’s DRT5 helmet but found the sunglasses holder to be somewhat useless. Sure, it holds your glasses well, but having your expensive shades out of sight draws your attention away from the trails and creates an “oh no!” moment after every bump, drop or rock you hit. Overall, Oakley’s new DRT5 helmet competes with the best helmets on the market. Although some of our testers criticized one or two of the DRT5’s features, the rest gave this new-age trail lid a big thumbs up.

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