Product Test: Rokform Rokbed V3 Bike Mount Kit

Many riders have found their smart-phones can be a great riding (and training) partner, doing everything from playing music to keeping track of ride statistics. The $99 Rokform Rokbed v3 bike mount kit takes your Apple iPhone 4/4S and turns it into a mini dashboard for your bike.

Tech features:
The Rokbed v3’s mounting bracket secures to any 1 1/8- inch threadless steerer tube’s star nut. The Rokform case that houses your phone uses a dual-retention lock system that is a magnet/mechanical lock system. The Rokbed v3 bike mount kit includes an injection-molded polycarbonate case, a thermoplastic elastomer grip insert with magnet, an aluminum bike mount and a wrist lanyard. The whole system weighed just a bit more than 2 ounces (7.5 ounces with the phone).

Field test results:
The Rokbed v3’s mounting system is far superior to the simple clamp-on hardware of many phone mounts. It mounted quickly and easily and never came loose during our testing. The Rokbed v3 frame is even easier to clip around your phone, and while we used the wrist lanyard for added security, the case never opened during a ride.

The case twists on the Rokbed v3’s mounting frame, and if you use the supplied magnet (we did), a solid (and audible) click occurs when the frame is properly locked in. Once locked in, the phone is easy to access for everything from taking an important call to checking on your Strava opponents.

Some of the wrecking crew made contact with the frame/phone with their knees during out-of-saddle efforts, and not everyone wants up to $400 worth of iPhone in a fairly vulnerable location. Still, if you use your phone as a training partner or need fast and easy access for important communication, the Rokform Rokbed v3 bike mount kit is a very sano setup.