Product Test: Rokform Rokbed v3 Mountable Phone Case

These days it is hard to go anywhere without your smartphone. The capabilities of these phones keep getting better and better every time you blink, which makes you want to carry one along with you on rides. Rokform helps you do just that with its American-made Rokbed v3 mountable phone case. The basic system costs $39.00 and includes the mountable protective case, non-slip pad, removable lanyard and adhesive car mount.

Tech features:

Rokform’s Rokbed v3 phone case allows users to mount their devices in multiple locations with the remote mounting system (RMS). The RMS can be installed onto anything with a small flat surface for the adhesive to stick to. With a quick twist, the case locks into the RMS mount for a secure fit. The case and non-slip pad can be ordered in multiple colors, allowing you to customize the look of your case. There are also cool accessories that function with the case, such as a magnetic kit that places a powerful magnet within the non-slip pad, allowing the phone to stick to refrigerators, cars and tool boxes.


Field test results:

Finding the right case for your phone is always tricky. There are many factors involved. Does the case look good? Does it provide adequate protection? Can I still easily use all the functions of the phone? We took the Rokbed v3 case along with us to check it out.

The first thing we noticed was how slick and hi-tech this case looks. The design is very slender with no sharp edges, which makes the phone easy to throw into a pocket or hydration pack. We were, however, a little disappointed with the level of protection that the case provided. The entire case is polycarbonate, with no cushion zones to dampen an impact. There is no integrated screen protection, so you are best off installing a separate screen protector to keep the phone safe from the elements.

The Rokbed v3 case provides access to each port, switch, and button on the phone; however, we found it difficult to use the buttons on the perimeter of the phone, since the buttons were recessed within the case, making it hard to find and operate them (especially with riding gloves).

The RMS mount interlocked with the phone case very well, was easy to install (peel & stick), and allowed for some creative mounting.

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One of the coolest features was the available magnet combo kit (additional $19.00). The 10-pound rare-earth magnet fits cleanly into the backside of the non-slip pad, allowing the phone to stick to anything magnetic. We found it very useful when working in the garage. We were able to pull-up specs or instructions on our phone, then stick it to the tool box or vise where we were working. This was super convenient and helped keep the phone clean during dirtier projects.

Overall, the Rokbed v3 case was very useful and tagged along really well on all our adventures. We do wish the buttons were easier to reach, but on the flip-side, we never pants-dialed anyone. In a market that is flooded with competition, Rokform’s Rokbed v3 phone case stood out from the rest with its ingenuity and utility.

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