Product Test: Zoic Carbon Bib Liners

Zoic Carbon Bib Liners

Leave the shoulder weight behind


The need to carry a list of essential items is one of our sport’s biggest drawbacks; however, you would be foolish to leave some things behind. We’re talking about your multi-tool, tube, pump and whatever else you take on a ride with you. Finding storage for all these items can be difficult, which is why many riders opt for a hydration pack with ample storage. Carrying a big pack on a short ride can be cumbersome, though, which is why many companies offer bib liners with storage pockets. Zoic is far from the first to offer this style of garment, but its newly released Carbon bib liners promise elevated comfort and function. Our test riders put Zoic’s new bibs to the test during this month’s round of product reviews.

Tech features: Zoic put its best foot forward when designing these bibs by offering unique features that its competitors don’t. With that said, the overall design of these bibs is awfully similar to other options on the market. Three storage pockets, along with an additional zipper pocket, sit across the rider’s lower back. Similar to other storage bibs, the pockets flap over the back of your riding shorts but sit underneath your jersey. Two more pockets were added at the bottom outer corners, requiring the rider to slightly lift a pant leg to access those pockets. Zoic’s unique touch is what they call their “stop and drop horizontal fly.” This feature makes it easier to relieve yourself when nature calls. The liners were built with wide elastic straps for increased comfort and feature a seven-panel Spandex design that offers a snug fit and slight compression. Zoic also incorporates a 3-D elastic foam chamois to further improve your ride. These bib liners sell for $100 and can be found at or at a bike shop near you.

Field test results: The Carbon bib liners are offered in a variety of sizes from small to triple extra large, so finding a pair that fit was a nonissue for our testers. We slipped into our new bibs and found the wide straps to be comfortable enough that we didn’t need a base layer underneath them. This is a fairly uncommon issue, but there’s nothing worse than bib straps digging into your shoulders or chest on a ride. Chamois feel is subjective; however, in our tests we got along just fine with Zoic’s design.

The pockets offered plenty of storage for a tube, CO2, tire lever and multi-tool, along with our cell phone and car keys. Sure, the pockets were stretched to the limits, but everything fit and stayed in place throughout our ride. A water bottle could be stored in a pocket if needed, but it wouldn’t be our first choice. Ideally, a rider will want to carry as much as he can on his bike, leaving less to be carried on his back. Overall, these bibs are on par with the competition and provided us with comfort and function during our test rides. If leaving the hydration pack behind for a short ride is your goal, these Zoic Carbon bib liners could be your solution.


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