The German bike brand is in North America now

Propain bikes are now available in America, and they have Jono Jones riding for them. (Photo by Dean Smith.)


Here’s what Jono Jones says about his new Propain bikes:  “At the moment I’m riding the Hugene. 140mm is plenty where I live – the thing absolutely rips! Pumped to spend the early months of ‘22 on that, before the Tyee arrives ahead of the race season. This year will be my first year to ever own an E-Bike. I CANT WAIT to build up the Ekano! So excited to discover new places on that machine.”

(Photo by Dean Smith)

Here’s what the crew at Propain had to say about Jono joining them:

“We are looking forward to the upcoming projects with Jono. Good times ahead! With his good mood and always a positive attitude, he fits perfect to PROPAIN. We look forward to working with our new crew member, master of laughter, ambassador, friend and say: Welcome on board, Jono!



Jono Jones shows his style on his Propain Bike. (Photo by Dean Smith.)

Here’s a close-up of the Hugene frame from the Propain website.


Here’s what Propain says about the Hugene on their website:Hugene 29″ – 140 mm  Tour, Trail, All-mountain? What now? The new Hugene is the answer. A bike with 140/150mm of travel that always fits. Whether it is a quick trail loop, an all-day tour or even an alpine cross. The Hugene is a summiteer on the uphills and a rocket on the downhills. One bike to rule them all.

Jono likes to get rowdy. Good times indeed. (Photo by Dean Smith.)


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