The Sresh is powered by a Shimano EP801 drive unit and 626Wh battery


Propain Bikes has introduced the Sresh CF, a shorter-travel, “lightweight” e-MTB that still delivers full power, filling a gap in their growing bike lineup. Integrating Shimano’s EP801 drive system and a proprietary 626 Wh battery, Propain claims that the Sresh can be built up with a weight of just under 21 kg.

Highlights of the Sresh CF platform

Propain designed the Sresh to build on the fundamental characteristics of their Ekano model but in a more agile and playful package that doesn’t compromise on power. To achieve this, they integrate Shimano’s EP801 drive system, which puts out 85 nm of torque and 600 watts of peak power at a claimed 2.7 kg weight. Propain’s proprietary 626 Wh battery powers this unit and is claimed to be more compact and lighter than other batteries in this class. Through Shimano’s E-Tube Project app, the EP801 motor can be customized in 15 individual modes to fine-tune the assistance to personal rider preferences and for different trails.

Whether we like it or not, headset cable routing is becoming more common

Like Propain’s other recent models, the Sresh utilizes their ICR (Integrated Cable Routing) system, which uses a proprietary Sixpack stem and composite spacers to route the cables through the headset (for better or for worse). The cables run through a pinch-through seal below the stem into the top spacer, headset, and frame. While it can make dropping the fork a bit more complicated, the stem can still be replaced easily and the stack height adjusted via clip-in spacers without having to fully remove the stem.

Propain’s tried and true PRO10 suspension platform

Again, like Propain’s other models, the Sresh integrates their PRO10 suspension layout that uses a vertically mounted shock that floats between the counter-rotating links to drive the 150mm of travel. Paired with custom-tuned shocks, the Sresh has a sensitive initial part of the travel that increases in progression to a stable and poppy platform. The anti-squat is quite high at 123% at sag and remains over 100% until about 120mm into the travel, and the leverage ratio represents a smooth curve throughout the frame’s travel. Looking at the geometry, the head tube angle sits at 65 degrees, and the effective seat tube angle is 78.5 degrees. Reach numbers range from 430mm on the size small to 505mm on the size XL, and the chainstay length sits at 450mm across the four frame sizes with 29″ wheels (447mm with mixed wheels). Speaking of wheel sizes, the Sresh can be built up with either dual 29″ wheels or a mixed wheel setup via a flip chip on the upper shock link.

Geometry numbers for the Sresh CF

The Sresh CF is built from Propain’s Blend Carbon, which utilizes different carbon blends and fibers to tune the frame’s strength, compliance, and weight. After extensive testing, in the lab and in the real world, the Sresh CF is rated to ATSM category 5 and is approved for bike park use. Propain is also introducing two new frame colors, “Polar Blue Gloss” and “Heavy Metal Gloss,” along with their signature “Raw Carbon,” which showcases the carbon construction. Seven new decal colors will also be available, meaning that riders have more options than ever to customize the look of their bike.

Propain will have four different build kits available, ranging in price from $6,299 to $9,789, along with the ability to customize individual components (just like their other bikes).

All of the details on the new Sresh CF can be found on the Propain website

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