Return To Earth-By Sterling Lorence

Return To Earth


Ryan Howard airs over Thomas Genon, Reed Boggs, Matt Hunter, Ben Byers, and Brett Rheeder during filming of Oahu segment of Anthill’s ‘Return to Earth’, Hawaii


Anthill Films’ Return to Earth has come to be regarded as one of the best, high-action mountain bike movies of the past few years.

The film features some of the top riders on the planet, including Brett Rheeder, Ryan Howard, Casey Brown, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Jackson Goldstone, Jakob Jewett, Dane Jewett, Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Kade Edwards, Joey Schusler, Thomas Genon, Emil Johansson, Reed Boggs and Carson Storch.

R-Dog takes to the air in Hawaii.

Photographer Sterling Lorence offered MBA the opportunity to share some of the photos he shot during the making of the movie. Kick back and enjoy the ride.

Trek’s Casey Brown enjoys some airtime in Hawaii.



By Thomas Vanderham

“We increasingly live in a culture of distraction, constantly conducting our lives through 24/7 connectivity. We feed this attention economy with our most precious resource: our time. Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second, minute after minute,…

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