Review – Fumpa Mini Compressor

Yep, you read that title right. There’s an air compressor that’s portable enough to take with you on any ride, and it’s called a Fumpa. This portable bike pump inflates your tires at the push of a button and is small enough to stash in your jersey pocket or hydration pack. The Australian manufacturer looks to make using a mini pump to fix a trailside flat a thing of the past.

Tech info: The Fumpa portable air compressor is a new product that can pump tires with the power supplied by a battery, which is charged with a micro USB port. The device offers a convenient and quick way to pump up your tires without the hassle of a mini pump and without the waste of CO2 cartridges. The pump uses a brushless motor technology powered by a lithium-polymer battery to deliver the pressure. It’s cased in an aluminum box with a valve that’s compatible with any valve; however, our Mini version was only compatible with presta valves and didn’t have the digital pressure gauge that is available on the original and larger units. Each Fumpa comes with an included wall charger, which takes a couple of hours to bring the device to a full charge. When fully juiced, the Fumpa will inflate roughly three to seven tires, depending on tire volume. It’s capable of pressures up to 120 psi, but unless you’re moonlighting as a roadie, you won’t need that.

In the field: When we initially hit the start button on this contraption, we were so startled by the noise that we tossed it across the room. This is a powerful little motor in a small package. It’s that little motor that makes it work so well. Do not confuse this device with one that’s designed to deliver a quick burst of air to seat a tubeless tire. It is certainly not that. The Fumpa delivers a smooth and consistent flow of air that will inflate most mountain bike tires in about a minute. For fat bike and plus-sized tires, it may take a little longer. The Fumpa generates a lot of heat, to the point where if you ran it for too long, you could burn out the motor. Thankfully, the device has an automatic shutoff that kicks in before you damage it. It would be next to impossible to seat a tubeless tire with this, since the airflow is relatively slow; however, for all other applications, this tank-less compressor works well. It’s an innovative product that’s brand new to the cycling scene and shows much promise. That said, we hope to see future generations of the Fumpa handle heat better, have a faster inflation rate and be less expensive. That being said, we loved knowing that we had effortless pressure in our pack to save us from the dreaded trailside mini-pump forearm burn.


• Effortless tire inflation for 3–7 tires

• Battery charges quickly

• Quality construction with a valve that does not leak

• Automatic shutoff to control heat


• Generates too much heat at the valve

• Cannot seat tubeless tires

• Slightly heavy for a portable pump

• Forget to charge it and you’re walking home

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