Flat pedals from the handlebar juggernaut


Renthal is taking the plunge into the mountain bike pedal market with their Revo-F flat pedals. The pedals are fairly large at 100mm x 104mm and feature a concave platform in both the horizontal and vertical axis and use a high-grade chromoly axle.

There are ten screw-through pins per side that are positioned in an asymmetrical pattern to maximize the usable platform of the pedal, and the pins themselves can be adjusted from 2.5mm to 5.5mm in height in 1mm increments. Renthal designed the Revo-F pedals with three outboard cartridge bearings and an extra wide inboard IGUS bushing to maximize durability, and full-contact lip seals and O-ring end cap seals keep any dirt and grime out.


They also implement a patent-pending axle system that Renthal says allows for at-home servicing of the pedals without any specialist tools and in a fairly straightforward process. The Revo-F flat pedals are available in either a Black or AluGold anodized finish with contrasting surface textures and are priced at $159.95. 



We have been using the Renthal Revo-F pedals almost daily for the last month or so in a variety of conditions, and we are impressed, to say the least. Our pair test samples hit the scales at 494 grams. The parallelogram shape of the body and concave platform lets your foot feel locked onto the pedals without any kind of float or slipping, and the ten pins per side instantly mend the shoe with the pedal. Climbing performance with the Revo-F pedals is comfortable and efficient, and there is a solid connection when putting down power. We found that the 100mm x 104mm platform struck a perfect balance of providing a large surface for our feet without sticking out too far and causing rock strikes.

Despite numerous rides in not-so-favorable conditions and quite a few bike washes, the bearings and spindle are still spinning like new and show no signs of wear; we expect this to stay the case over the next few months we intend to put on the pedals. Overall, the Revo-F flat pedals hit the mark and are a solid option when looking for a set of robust, durable, and confidence-inspiring flat-shoe pedals. Stay tuned for a long term review and please visit Renthal’s website for more details and information.

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