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Tip of the Day: Tightening-up the Trail

Whether or not your racing or just out for fun, one way to trim-off time from a course is by straightening-out the turns.  Not only can this save time, it can also make the trail more fun by giving new life to a well known favorite.

Know the Source Behind Your Leaking Tire

You may want to check that tire next time you have a flat.  Often times we are in too big a hurry to check our tires when we get a flat.  We don’t want to miss any of the action or keep our friends waiting.  However, you never know what the cause of the flat […]

How To: Indoor Bike Storage Tips and Solutions

Never tattoo a white wall again As our years of mountain biking stack up, so does our treasured bike collection. This may not be an issue for those of you with man-cave garages that store 15 bikes while still having room for a couch and a big screen television. On the other end of the […]

Shredding Maribel with Specialized Racing, Aaron Gwin, and Troy Brosnan

Entering the last round of the 2014 season, both Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan were in striking distance of the World Cup overall title. Join the team as they reflect on their incredibly successful season, while they continue to focus on the upcoming challenges this year. Featuring: Aaron Gwin Troy Brosnan Eric Carter Specialized Racing […]

Go Tubeless: Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit

  Riders who own a set of tubeless-ready (or conventional) tires, but are still running tubes, are missing out on some fun. The advantage of running lower air pressure (better traction) and not letting a small puncture ruin your day is too much to overlook. Genuine Innovations has a kit that includes everything you need […]

New Red Bull Rampage Course Unveiled

Since 2008, Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution has taken place on a series of cliffs outside of Virgin, Utah whose big obstacles have catapulted athletes into the record books. In the spirit of progression and always moving forward, the event is going in a new direction – literally – off the back cliffs of the […]

FINN ILES STEPS TO THE TOP – How A 14 Year Old Beat The Best Riders

Only a few weeks ago, the rules said that14-year-olds couldn’t win the Whip Off World Championships — they couldn’t even compete, in fact. It took a social media campaign and a healthy dose of lobbying to #LetFinnIn, but when the judges tallied their scores, it was Finn Iles who walked away with the big check […]

Keeping Your Cool: Warm Weather Gear Guide

The mercury is rising, the snow is long gone and the summertime riding season is in full swing. While the summer months offer the longest days and the most opportunity to get out on the trails, they also mean dealing with the highest temperatures of the year. Riding in the heat can be a dangerous […]

Mammoth Bike Park Discovery Zone- Two Wheel Fun for Everyone!

The Mammoth Bike Park Discovery Zone is two-wheeled fun for everyone. A one of a kind area dedicated to kids from 3 to 80, the Discovery Zone is the only lift accessed area dedicated 100% to progression. Three beginner trails, an intermediate trail and an all new Skills Park combine with a designated lift to […]

Skills Clinic: Mastering The Gnarliest Switchbacks

Switchbacks were not designed for mountain bikes. They were cut out of the mountain way before mountain bikes were invented and originally developed for hikers (with an average shoe size of 10.5-inches, not a 44-inch wheelbase). And that’s where our problems start. How do you get around these 180-degree corners without resorting to hiking mode? […]

How To Ride Loose Climbs

There are days when the trails are perfectly moist and tacky and it seems you can do no wrong. Your tires are hooking up like Velcro in the corners and it seems like you couldn’t break your tires loose if you wanted to. For us in southern California and in many other parts of the […]

Pro Tips: Aaron Gwin’s Speed Secrets

America’s best downhiller reveals how he rides so fast Aaron Gwin knows how to go incredibly fast on a mountain bike. He’s won National Championships, two World Cup series titles and nine World Cup events. He was getting ready for the international racing season when we caught up with him at the KMC Chain Winter […]

Video: Learn How To Wheelie

The wheelie is one of the toughest skills to teach. Some riders just don’t seem to have the wheelie gene but we came across this how-to video by Matthew Minick and were impressed by his presentation. Check it out.

101 Tips To Start The New Season Off Right

This is not a rehash of the last 101 tips story we ran. There may be a bit of overlap, because good tips are good tips no matter how many times you hear them, but don’t expect a cut-and-paste list of tired and overused wisdom. These tips are as fresh as 27.5-inch wheels and 1×11 […]