We are doing a complete story in an upcoming issue of Mountain Bike Action so we don?t want to give you too much information! But, here is a quick look at what RockShox has in store for 2001.

2001 PSYLOS!
Psylo, the long-travel fork with 30mm diameter fork tubes and a quick release Tullio thru-axle option, is available at three price points from $680 to $330. The Psylo Race model has the Dual Air adjustable negative spring system and the Pure damping cartridge. The SL version has a single, coil spring and the Pure damper. The XC model uses a Hydracoil spring/damping system and lacks the Climb-it control lockout feature of its more expensive brothers. Weightsare 3.57, 3.96 and 3.98 pounds respectively.

You can order Psylo forks with the standard quick release dropouts
or the 20mm thru-axle Tullio design. Prices and weights are slightly higher
for Tullio models.

2001 SID?S:
The Sid Race and SL have minimized brake arches, and thus are only available in 63mm or 80mm All Travel adjustments. The 2.5-pound SID Race fork doesnt have the Climb-it control lockout because the valving weighs a few ounces–too much for gram-counting World Cup racers. The SL version does, and it has the better, Pure damping system too. The weight spread between the Race and SL fork is only 3.2 ounces, making the SL a popular favorite in the pro ranks. The Sid XC and 100 share the organic looking buldged arch and magnesium lowers of the Judy line, and the HydraCoil damping system. Prices run: $620, $580, $429 and $459 in order of appearance.

Although the Boxxer downhill fork remains basically unchanged, it has undergone some improvements. Air caps are included so you can tune the progressivity of the spring, in addition to its rebound and compression clickers. New straight-gauge legs are stronger and keep the oil column consistent throughout the forks stroke for better damping performance. As usual, three crown height options are available. Although the quoted travel is seven inches, there is an additional inch of negative travel that isn?t factored into that number. This makes the 2001 Boxxer comparable with any of its eight-inch rivals. Big news its the Boxxers 5.9-pound weight–one of, if not the lightest world-class downhill forks available for public consumption. Price? …$1349, oh yeah!


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