Sabotaged Trails in Southern California Caused Injury to Local Mountain Biker

Trail Sabotage Reported at Popular Riding Area in Simi Valley, CA

Bicycle Nerd Elite Cycling Center in Simi Valley reported on their Facebook page that a rider was injured due to hang lines on their local trails. See below to read  what Bicycle Nerd Elite Cycling Center had to say.

Hey Everyone, just wanted to make you aware of willful trail sabotage in the following areas: bottom of Hummingbird, Chumash and Rocky Peak. Trails have been sabotaged with large rocks and branches in blind turns, and with these hang lines. As you can see someone unfortunately was caught up in one yesterday morning, and these cloudy pics with hang lines still present were taken this morning.

MRCA Rangers have been notified.

Please ride safe and report suspicious behavior. If you see something, say something.

Bicycle Nerd Elite Cycling Center

Trail sabotage in Simi Valley, CA
A close look at this photo shows a hard to see line that caught a mountain biker by the neck causing injury.
Sabotaged trails in Simi Valley, CA
These lines can be hard to see while riding. Local riders are advised to take trails slow and be on the look out.
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