Salsa Cycles New Cassidy and Blackthorn All-Mountain Bikes


anywhere, all-day machine. Blackthorn is all about balance, granting you confidence on steep, loose descents, delivering awesome climbing capability, and feeling poised on everything in between.

These bikes are for two distinct types of riding, but they have a few things in common.

Like all of our full-suspension bikes, Cassidy and Blackthorn use our Split Pivot rear suspension platform. This design allows our engineers to separate the acceleration and braking performance of the suspension so we can optimize them independently for a comfortable and efficient ride both up and down the trail.

Introducing Split Pivot+

Cassidy and Blackthorn also share a frame. These are the first bikes to employ our Split Pivot+ design philosophy, which uses an adaptable chassis that can be optimized for multiple amounts of suspension travel and corresponding geometries. By swapping to the appropriate link set, rear shock, and fork, you can convert Blackthorn’s 140 mm rear and 160 mm front travel to Cassidy’s 165 mm rear and 180 mm front travel and vice versa. Aftermarket link sets for both platforms will be available for purchase.

Swapping the control link and shock link, in addition to changing the metric shock size, optimizes the…

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