Salsa Cycles New Cassidy and Blackthorn All-Mountain Bikes

Salsa Cycles 
Cassidy and Blackthorn
All-Mountain Bikes

By Salsa Cycles-Harrison Maddox

Salsa Cycles has been part of the mountain biking scene for nearly 40 years. Mountain bikes have come a long way since those early days—and so have the trails we ride. As we found ourselves on more and more progressive terrain, we had a vision for the type of bikes we wanted to ride on the gnarlier trails of the world. That leads us to today, as we take the next step in the evolution of our mountain bike lineup with two all-new certified rippers.


Cassidy Carbon GX Eagle

CASSIDY is our enduro 29er. Equipped with 165 mm rear and 180 mm front suspension travel, it’s a well-rounded shredder. Cassidy is built for blasting through technical sections and hurtling down hair-raising descents with composure, yet it pedals exceptionally well when you don’t have gravity’s help.


Blackthorn Carbon XO1 Eagle

BLACKTHORN is our all-mountain 29er. Sporting 140 mm rear and 160 mm front suspension travel, it’s an any-trail,…

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