Day two of the Sea Otter Classic Sea Otter kicked off with awesome weather and fellow riders full of stoke. Just like the first day, there was plenty to see! We saw a major boost in spectator attendance today but this also meant our wrecking crew was able to catch up with our audience. Racing was part of today, but we all know everyone is waiting to check out Dual Slalom tomorrow as the main attraction. Our wrecking crew made the rounds with visits to Maxima, KUAT Racks, USWE, TowWhee, G-Form, and Vittoria. Make sure to follow us along for all the up-to-date info of the 2021 Sea Otter Classic!


On display with all products, you need to keep your bike happy Photo by Cade Hahn
Recognized as one of the most coveted brands in the racing industry, Maxima has been introducing bicycle products to its lineup. The team has decades of ongoing involvement in professional racing that has led them to further push the technology in their products. The company continues its heritage by playing an active role in the sport and racing communities. For the recreational athlete or World Champion, Maxima has a product for you. To illustrate this fact, they came to Sea Otter with this awesome graphic showing how its line is utilized across the bike. From basic maintenance to full overhauls, Maxima offers products that protect and extend the life of any bicycle.-
Over the top? Perhaps some might conclude that about the new Kuat Piston Pro X rack. While we do agree that this rack is above and beyond, it does have some innovative features that we will likely see in the future on more Kuat models. The Piston Pro X  has a little bit of everything – LED Tailights, magnetic cable dock, locking security tool, 99% robust metal construction, tiger drylac Powdercoat, and genuine Kashima coat. Yes, the same coating that is on your Fox Factory Suspension. This rack will be available through Kuat’s retailers starting at $1389 –
A closer look at the No Dancing Monkey system
One of our favorite pack companies, USWE, was out showing off their latest pack line. For a better mountain biking-oriented solution, look no further than USWE. Developed and tested with input from top-performing athletes and weekend warriors, USWE (pronounced “youswee”) adventure packs offer the ideal design for your mountain biking adventure. In the Editor’s Choice Awards (found in our December 2020 issue), one of our staff members picked the USWE Airborne 9 as his choice for “Top Gear of the Year.” While that model knocked it out of the park, we couldn’t wait to see new tech from the USWE team.-
When we first saw Tow Wee tow bungies here at Sea Otter a few years ago it seemed like a novelty accessory but all it took was one try for us to become instant fans of the product. Tow Wee allows safe and efficient uphill towing of a kid or adult with a lightweight hollow elastic webbing that keeps the strap out of the wheels and controls shock loads for a smooth tow. The line has expanded from the original kid’s version to adult, motorcycle and even dog straps. Bike-specific versions retail for $39.99. –


G-Form Announces Soil Sessions initiative to support trail-building organizations. The Soil Sessions is an all-new apparel line that will directly give back to select trail-building organizations across the country. Proceeds from products sold will go back to select trails throughout California, Washington, and Utah. While G-Form is typically known for its line of protective wear,  Soil Sessions is an exclusive line of apparel that speaks to all mountain bike riders. The brand is kicking off this partnership with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (CA), Evergreen MTB Alliance (WA), and Park City Mountain Trails (UT). –


Vittoria has launched a new tire called Syerra that’s specifically designed to bridge the gap between cross-country race and trail applications. A 60 TPI casing combined with APF anti-pinch flat inserts at the bead give the tire a more robust construction than the lightweight, XC race-oriented Barazo. Traction is boosted too with a flatter profile, tread surface siping, and aggressive side knobs in a softer high traction compound. It’s faster rolling than the trail-focused Agarro thanks to a fast-rolling center compound and tread design with stepped leading edge knob profiles. It comes in with a claimed weight of 850 grams in a 29X2.4” size and costs $77.99. Expect to see it in shops by late November. –
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