Take a lap around the 2021 Sea Otter Classic with mountain bike action to check out some of the latest and greatest 2021 new gear and bikes landing in North America. Kicking off the 3rd and 4th day of the 2021 Sea Otter Classic, our wrecking crew stopped for a visit with Muc-Off, Garmin, FSA, Park Tool, Finish Line, Session, Diamondback, Alchemy, Hunt Wheels, and many more. Although the event is slightly smaller than originally anticipated, there is plenty to see and explore.

A full walk-through on everything Muc-Off. The Bike Wash is their number 1 seller but there is a handful of other items riders should keep close by to keep their bikes clean and performing at their best. From cleaner to all your tubless needs, Muc-OFf has riders covered. –
We get a full breakdown of an Atherton Bike completes built up with the latest FSA components. Notable, are there the latest wheels that will be available as a rim only and are backed by their lifetime warranty. Being that this bike is a custom build there is also some additional eye candy that FSA threw into the mix. Although in high demand, FSA has been able to keep up and have much of its inventory available online and with retailers. –
Park Tool
The “Blue Tool” brand had some great new tools that were showcased at the event. Bike tools (and standards) change too frequently and Park Tool is dedicated to staying current for shops and fellow riders. Along with always staying up to date, Park Tool also strives to keep its series of mechanic videos current. Found out more and check out some of their helpful videos –
Finish Line
Just launched in September, FinishLine has made a product for the tubeless tire community. It has low ammonia and low viscosity, but what sets this sealant part is the kevlar fibers within the sealant. This helps seal a puncture as the FiberLink sealant grabs the sides creating a net around the latex. This fills a pesky puncture more effectively and is available now! –
Alchemy Argos

Alchemy has released a new titanium hardtail called the Argos that’s named after a section of trail near its headquarters in Colorado. This handmade bike features progressive trail-focused geometry and can be ordered with a long list of custom options including Alchemy’s all-new cerakote finish. The thin ceramic/polymer coating is about 1/6th the thickness of traditional paint yet incredibly tough for a lighter finish that lasts longer. The Argos starts at $4,499 for a frame and tops out at $8,299 with an SRAM AXS build. Also worth noting is Alchemy’s addition of a flip-chip to the linkage in its full-suspension models. This new feature allows geometry customization and mullet mixed wheel setups. It is available on Arktos 120, Arktos 135, and Argos 150 & MX models at the end of this month. –
With more bikes on the way soon, Diamondback recently got some new colorways in stock to showcase at this year’s event. We fell in love when we had time to test Release 5C. This model comes at a great value for riders to get on the trails! Overall, it’s a great allrounder that performs as well as, if not better than, some of the $6000-and-up trail bikes. –
The latest from Garim is the Rally XC200 dual-sensing pedal system. This design gives a ride the ability to see right and left leg power independently. Rally XC200 measures total power, cadence, and left/right balance as well as advanced cycling dynamics, which helps you tailor your training around your specific weaknesses and strengths to improve your form.  Each metric can be viewed on compatible Edge® cycling computers and the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app. All the details and more –
Hunt Wheels
Hunt Bike Wheels exists because the wheels they wanted to ride weren’t readily available. Instead of waiting for someone to do it, they decided to take it on. So they assembled a team of talented, passionate riders with a wealth of industry experience, and set out to bring you the latest, most practical, forward-thinking technology in all things around. Their overall mission is to serve devoted riders with the highest performing products, backed by rider support. A new family of Hunt MTB Wheels will soon be released for full carbon mountain bike set. Presale will be starting soon so make sure to stay up to date with the latest on their site –
OutBound Lights

Outbound Lighting was born out of a suburban Missouri basement and an obsession with chasing optical illumination perfection. It is a team of engineering professionals, bringing their many moons of experience in the automotive and LED lighting industries to the bike world. They are not just cobbling together a set of lights, they put in the weeks and months that are needed to design brilliant lights. Do you not having the proper equipment to ride safely at night? Look no further than our favorite set of lights! We recently reviewed these in our November issues, but the team also has an exciting new product in the works. –

Session Components
Session makes a little bit of everything – Wheels, accessories, components, lubes, hubs, tools, and even some apparel. We’ve been getting along with other products for testing, but their latest lube should be interesting to see how it performs. While it is not the cheapest option, the new S-Wax lube from Session has graphene to make it 3x more mules than their original S-Wax formula. –
Archer Components

Recently, this small team has made some major upgrades with new additions in the works. The Archer Components team was born in 2016 from a desire to make shifting better. They wanted to take electronic shifting to the next level seeing current trends but that was expensive and not interoperable with the components we wanted to run on our mountain bikes. They arrived here from outside the traditional bike industry and bring a fresh perspective on how to infuse engineering and technology into the bicycle drivetrain. –


With over 40-years of design innovation, Ritchey is no new name to the cycling world. Be that as it may, they are constantly working to create high-quality bicycle components. Modern-day enthusiasts are very knowledgeable about their choices in the parts upgrade quest, and Ritchey strives to be their very first choice. –

Cascade Components
Cascade Components first started as a side project in February 2019. A team member broke the rear triangle on a Santa Cruz Nomad and had some downtime. They started looking at putting a longer stroke coil shock on the frame to get a little more travel and a little better small bump. Since that experimentation period, they’ve now decided to make a set of parametric equations for the leverage ratio, wheel travel, and axle path. Upon doing this, they have realized that the leverage ratio curve was regressive past the stock stroke and not suitable for a coil spring. From there, they began changing dimensions for the lower link to see if it could be made to better suit a longer stroke coil shock. They have extensive experience designing machined parts and have always focused on bringing their customers the most value possible. –
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