Sea Otter: Day 1 Picks and the Option to Buy a Trail

Day one of the 2015 Sea Otter Classic is now behind us. As the crowds began to flow in, we spent the day bouncing from booth to booth, looking for what all of you will be seeing on the trails this coming year. Here are a few product picks from the day.

IMG_8308Swedish designed and based, POC helmets are some of the most uniquely identifiable helmets out there. While they aren’t introducing any new designs of helmets or pads, this is the newest color of their much-loved Trabec. It’s been available for a bit of time and may not be groundbreaking news, but still, it’s a good looking color. Beryl green is what they’re calling it. Looks like seafoam to us. IMG_8362The Speedcraft glasses, from 100%, are quite the lookers. Made of equal parts 80s beachwear and full-coverage performance, the retro look of the Speedcrafts will certainly be found shielding the eyes of many racers. Will they look out of place on the trail?

IMG_8389Now that’s what we call getting in to character. With Fox’s new-yet-vintage 36 fork and Float X/X2 shocks glistening in the background, the crew at Fox knows the only way to spread the word is while working a truly 70’s get up. Trust us…the pants and shoes created the complete package.  

IMG_8399One of the coolest things we saw wasn’t even a product. Ibis is a company focused on producing some of the best bikes available, but also wants to make sure we all have access to the trails necessary to ride them. For $5, you can buy a foot of trail. If you’d like, they’ll even write you up a deed for your foot of land. Always wanted to support trail building, but never seem to get out there and rake them yourself? Here’s the opportunity to rid yourself of guilt and do your part. Their last run at this provided the funds for a tractor to be bought that helped build the Mill’s Peak trail in Northern California.

Plus, by doing so, you have the chance of winning any Ibis!

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