Sea Otter Fresh Produce from Bontrager, Scorpion Stands, Durango Bikes, And More

Scorpion stands take bike storage and put in their moto twist. The company was recently acquired by Feedback sports, a Colorado company that makes some of the best repair stands we know of. The stands work by holding the center of the crank, and look very much like a moto stand you’d use for your dirt bike.
Everyone loves a clean and dialed toolbox. We’re willing to bet this mechanic’s set is guarded with an alarm and is cleaned with Q-Tips.
The Kona BigHonzo DL is one of the first ventures into the plus-sized category for the Ferndale-based company. The bike sports the same dedicated trail geometry as the original Honzo, but with more rubber to deliver a little extra “suspension.”
Bontrager’s new dropper post sports a cable-actuated actuation with a hydraulic movement. The post comes stock with this trick under-the-bar lever for those with a single-ring drivetrain. For those using a front derailleur, Bontrager also sells an over the top style remote.
The new post has 5 inches of travel, and will be available soon. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.
The Barbegazi is a huge piece of rubber designed by Bontrager. The nearly 5-inch wide behemoth comes in a tubeless ready version, and will be seen on Trek’s new fatbikes very soon.
Bontrager’s new carbon wheel lineup it designed to suit nearly every budget.
Hans Rey and the rest of the GT factory racing crew take time out of their busy day to sign a few autographs, shake some hands, and build some good karma. Sea Otter is the place if you want to meet a few of your heros.
Durango Bike Co’s new Balckjack is and enduro bike that’s as close as we’ve ever seen to being 100% built in America. The aluminum frame uses a Horst-Link suspension design that gets 160 millimeters of travel, and has a slack but stable geometry.
Durango machines all their hardware in house, and they take pride in their craftsmanship.
Yes, those are magnetic “clipless” pedals. The Maglock pedals use a magnetic cleat to hold you to your bike. Look for a full review very soon.


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