September Rider Photos: You’ve Got To Have Friends

While the largest number of images we receive at Trail Mix are shots of lone bikes leaned up against everything from tree stumps to battleships, sharing mountain biking with friends is one of the true pleasures our sport has to offer. Here’s proof.

    Our group went on a hut-to-hut for three days in the wilderness outside Fruita, Colorado, outfitted by Back Country Biker. The picture is a hut we stayed in with no running water or electricity in the Umcompahgre National Forest. We didn’t see a single person that day, only grazing cattle and horses running free. Pictured are Heather Dea, Lori Alameda, Todd Fitzwater, Allan Jones, Scott Fitzwater and Ritch Haselden. I took the picture.
Albie Jachimowicz
San Jose, California

    This is an outlook that our group from Florida found on the trails at Tsali, North Carolina, during our three-day mountain biking trip. While some of the guys have been enjoying a mountain biking trip each year for the last five years, this was my first. I questioned the sanity of driving 500 miles to ride mountain bikes; however, the beautiful scenery, screaming downhills, memorable climbs, fabulous cabin that resembled an upscale lodge more than a residence, great meals, and great company were some of the pieces that came together to make this a fabulous trip. I am hooked! Pictured from left to right are Tim Conway, Brian McCown, Art Osberg, Tim Jaco, Steve Munroe, Rob Lester, and Bruce Hawkins (by the way, that is my Rush in the foreground).  
Bruce Hawkins
Gainesville, Florida

    Pictured are members of the international mountain bike club, B.O.M.B. Our chapter pictured is from Charlotte, North Carolina, perched high at 2400 feet above sea level, enjoying the view from the overlook at the Tsali Trail System. To find out more about the international groups across the world, go to for a chapter near you.
Mark Gordon
Charlotte, North Carolina

    This picture was taken during a trip to Monteverde National Reserve. This place has great views of the Pacific coast, amazing singletrack and a few quite-hard uphills. As with every ride, the best thing is the company. In the picture from left to right: Gerardo, me, Guido, Melissa and Nacho.
Esteban Brenes
San Jose, Costa Rica

    A couple of Village Dirtbags from Lompoc, California, stoked to do the Kokopelli in Moab, Utah. Believe it or not, one of these guys used to think it had to have a motor to be fun.
Ron Reck
Minden, Nevada

    One week every year, that’s all we get. One week. The group varies but always includes me, my brother Nate, and my brother-in-law Matt. This year was a tour of Oregon; last year was the B.C. interior. We’ve been to Canada twice now, and we’ve hit seven states on our trips over the last five years. We have a dozen scars, a few hours of helmet cam video, and 1000s of photos to help us get through the other 51 weeks each year. But of all those reminders, this one is my favorite. That’s Matt, me, Nate, Pat, Jer, Chris, and Eric at eight in the morning in the Slickrock parking lot before the first ride of our first trip five years ago. Not a bad way to start a new tradition.   
Josh Scott
Mount Vernon, Washington

    While visiting Monterey, California, I was lucky enough to try out the trails at Fort Ord. I had no idea where to start, so I asked these three riders where to go. They invited me to ride with them.  It turns out they were two great 77-year-old guys named Ken Brown and Bob Motta and Ken’s granddaughter, Angela, out on her first ride. We rode for two hours and had a great time. I wound up riding with Kenny and Bob two more times while I was up there, and you couldn’t meet better ambassadors of the sport. A Korean War vet, Kenny actually took basic training at Fort Ord when it was operational. You meet some great people out on the trails.
Louis Cioffi
Culver City, California

    On top of Monarch Crest Trail in Colorado. My two sons (in the photo) Wesley and Keith, accompanied me for my 55-birthday ride. The trail was great, and the company was better.
Owen Tanner
Rock Springs, Wyoming

    My good friends and I recently took a weekend trip to Manistee, Michigan, where we road the Big M Trail, the Vasa Trail in Traverse City, and Yankee Springs to wrap it up on the way back to the Detroit area. From left to right are Tom, Sean, me, and John.
Zach Hewitt
Farmington Hills, Michigan

    The “Old Men’s” Mountain Bike Club (because I’m the old man) on a Saturday morning ride in front of the Granny’s Kitchen “Wall Ride” at the Black Rock Mountain Bike Park in Falls City, Oregon. One of the best-kept “secrets” around. It was a great morning of hitting some perfect trails. From left to right are Darren, Mike, Geoff, Chad, Frank and myself.
Craig Cole
Corvallis, Oregon

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