Shimano Reveals New Gravity Shoe Lineup

Developed in conjunction with the Atherton family, Shimano’s Gravity range of downhill, enduro and BMX racing footwear has undergone quite possibly the most rigorous testing possible to strike the optimal fusion of protection, function and durability for multiple riding disciplines.

With current Men’s Downhill World Champion Gee Atherton, 2013 Downhill World Champion Rachel Atherton and multiple British 4X National Champion Dan Atherton part of the testing team, you can be certain that the AM range has been designed to win races.

Three models make up the 2016 Gravity range:

  • the SPD-compatible black AM9 All-Mountain shoe for aggressive downhill, enduro and trail riding
  • the black AM7 All-Mountain and Downhill flat-soled shoe with a Vibram outsole for optimum pedal connectivity, comfort and protection
  • the SPD-compatible AM5 Gravity and BMX shoes, in black or army green, with a focus on comfort and protectionScreen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.30.14 AMThe Atherton’s influence is clear to see in the AM9, which the whole GT Atherton team has been testing since the beginning of the season, with protection and grip to suit harsh riding conditions and the most aggressive riding styles.

    Gee Atherton, current Downhill World Champion: ” We’ve been testing the AM9 this season and it’s the best shoe I’ve ever worn for downhill. Me, Rachel and Dan all had a hand in developing the shoe and it’s great to see how our feedback has been integrated. We asked for better grip, better protection and less weight. Shimano definitely delivered!”

    Whether riding the two SPD options or the flat sole AM7, all Shimano’s 2016 Gravity shoes feature reinforced high side walls for ample foot protection and the new AM sole design with Pro rider calibrated shank plates for optimal rigidity and improved downhill riding stability.

    New gravity-specific rubber with high-traction tread patterns on the AM9 outsole also feature to increase durability and provide superior off-the-bike grip.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.30.04 AMThe newly designed pedal channel in the outsole of the AM9 makes it easier to re-engage to the pedal while unclipped. This feature also brings about a weight-saving of 217g per pair (size 40), a 23% reduction over the AM45.

    To suit the aggressive racing style of Downhill and Enduro racing, the AM9 features a comfortable EVA foam construction midsole and Volume Tour Last sizing outsole for extra volume at the ball of the foot, providing additional comfort and support on and off the bike.

    A Velcro strap on the upper of all new AM shoes keeps the foot securely in place with even tension across the metatarsal bones. Armoured lace shields on the AM9 and AM7 provide additional metatarsal protection from the elements and keep laces confined, away from chain rings and cranks.

    The AM5 on the other hand, foregoes the lace shield to offer a street-inspired style, equally at home in skate parks, trail parks and everywhere in between. With a lightweight and non-compressed flat insole, the AM5 offers an even and comfortable foot cushion for a platform that’s ideal for both walking and riding.

    Shimano Gravity range: Keep up with the pros.

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