Worn by the Best of the Best

Sidi-TigerItalians are known for a lot of things, and one of them is producing high-quality shoes. Sidi has been making sports footwear since 1960 and cycling shoes since the 1970s. Riders like Julien Absalon have ridden to plenty of podium victories sporting Sidi’s high-end XC race shoes. The Tiger is Sidi’s newest approach to making the fastest XC race shoe on the planet.

Tech Info:

The Tiger is the newest shoe in Sidi’s lineup and is one step above the Drako. There is plenty of new stuff designed into the Tiger, but some technologies have been carried over from the Drako. The most noticeable change is the new Double Tecno-3 Push system with a new location on the tongue of the shoe. This allows for a truer and snugger fit when dialing in the wire tension.

The heel cup has a built-in retention device that will keep the shoe from slipping when pedaling hard or walking a difficult section of trail. Sidi uses a specific MTB SRS Carbon-Ground sole that keeps the shoe stiff and lightweight for efficient power transfer. Sidi designed the Tiger with a rubber toe for extra protection and grip if you have to get off the bike and walk certain sections of trail. Sidi makes these shoes in Italy and uses a tough but lightweight Microfibre TechPro upper. This material is a type of leather that is eco-friendly and water-resistant and includes an anti-mold treatment. These shoes are currently available in two colors in sizes 40–48, including half sizes. Retail is set at $550.

On the Trail:

Slipping the Tiger on, we noticed that the fit was a touch longer than what we are accustomed to, but it was still a very comfortable fit. The Double Techno-3 system felt comfortable and allowed for plenty of adjustment in the wire tension and fit. Initially, we weren’t sure if the location on the tongue would put pressure on the tops of our feet, but this was never an issue during our testing.

On the trail, our test riders were impressed with just how much ventilation the Microfibre TechPro uppers gave us. The air was easily channeled through the toe and up through the rest of the shoe, quickly cooling our feet. It took a couple rides for the Tigers to break in, but once they did, the fit was hard to compete with. The uppers have a comfortable, natural suppleness that adds to the excellent fit.

During hard pedaling efforts, the sole proved to be stiff and allowed for efficient energy transfer. On long cross-country rides our test riders didn’t develop any hot spots or aching. Over the course of our testing period, the Tigers didn’t show any excessive wear. For riders who are especially hard on their gear, Sidi offers replacement treads for the bottom of the shoes. The price will be tough for some to swallow, but riders who are willing to shake out their piggy banks will be pleased with the overall fit and performance of the Tigers.


• Lightweight
• Stiff
• Good venting


• Pricey


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