SOC18 – 1981 Stumpjumper vs. 2018 Stumperjumper

One of the cooler displays at Sea Otter was Specialized showing off their newest 2018 Stumpjumper with a retro paint scheme next to a Stumpy from 1981.

The latest version of the Stumpy was released early last week with a new offset frame design leaving the shock exposed on one side.

The newest Stumpy received an updated geometry and larger seat tube to host Specialized’s new dropper post as well. For 2018 Specialized ditched the PF30 BB and went with a threaded design.

Seeing the two Stumpjumpers side by side gave a lot of perspective on just how far frame design has come in the last few decades.

Rigid forks and cantilever brakes reigned supreme back in the day, not to mention 26-inch wheels.


Specialized set themselves apart by using motorcycle brake levers for more leverage and essentially provide more braking power.

The drivetrains of old are obviously completely different from the current standard Eagle and Shimano options.

No dropper, no problem.

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