SOC18: Kona Operator 29 Carbon Prototype

Kona Operator 29 Carbon Prototype

We spotted another sweet looking 29″ downhill bike at the Sea Otter Classic. This one, however, was sitting under the Kona tent. Although this Operator is a prototype we got word that Connor Fearon (Kona’s World Cup Downhil star) has both a 27.5″ and 29″ Operator in his possession, which he plans to race during the upcoming World Cup downhill season. That is of course after he figures out which bike is faster. A tough decision indeed. An interesting fact about this carbon Operator is that it can be swapped between 29″ and 27.5″ wheels, however, the fork must be swapped out and flip chips in the linkage need to be adjusted. Furthermore, the rear axle and brake have two settings allowing for further adjustments. Fearon’s race machine is yet to be seen, but we can guess that it might look something like this.  In the meantime, we’ll leave this prototype Operator 29 Carbon here for you to drool over.

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