The Two-Wheeled Approach to Building Self Esteem”

The Sprockids teaches problem solving, self reliance and social skills to young people through cycling. Sprockids is now an accredited part of the Canadian school system. We got this letter from Doug Detwiller of Sprockids. Check it out.

Dear Richard,
The Sprockets Program is having a fantastic year! An organization that works in South Africa is going to try the program over there. That means that Sprockids is happening on four continents! What a concept. Here on the Sunshine Coast we are busy planning ?Trail Fest 2000.? This three day trail building festival will open up a ton of old wagon roads and trails for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. Over the course of the three days we expect 300-500 participants. On the Friday, the schools are involved and it looks like we will have 200-350 students from grades K-12 out there building trails. Take Care, Doug.

For info on the program contact Doug Detwiller at (604) 886-0772 or email: [email protected]


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