Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Spurcycle Tool



we considered a big plus. Unfortunately, there is no T30 Torx or flathead included, but the good news is, there is just enough space within the X-Pac case to store about two extra bits. If you choose to carry extra bits, we recommend being mindful of them moving around.

We mostly used the Tool for headset, stem, and bar adjustments, but the Tool proved handy in other situations, too. More often than we’d like, this handy device saved us from a rotor rubbing against the brake pads. This can be a tricky space in which to maneuver a multi-tool properly. The T-handle’s design allows the lever to be adjustable when space is tighter or when some extra leverage is needed. Small circlips at either end keep the bit holder from sliding off the handle. The holder slides with ease and lasted over two years of regular use. Function, design, weight and ease of storage are all great, but there are drawbacks.

Some riders will balk at the price tag of $69 despite the Tool’s advantages. In addition to the high price, there is no chain breaker, which, no pun intended, was not a deal-breaker for us. We just carried a small folding chain breaker.

The final word:

The Tool performs well, has a minimalistic design and is built to last. We recommend it to riders looking for both style and high functionality in their trailside repair kit.


• USA-made with durable grade-5 titanium

• Ultralight and easy to pack

• Sleek in design and function


• High-cost for buyers

• No chain breaker

Star Rating


Price: $69

Weight: 90 grams

Size: 30 x 95mm (1.1 x 3.7”)

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