This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Strait Acres Invitational as part of the Snow Summit Gravity Festival. We shot photos and enjoyed the show as the best in the slalom world battled it out for a chance at $3000 and a WWE-style belt. We’ll have a more detailed web post later this week, but for now, we’d like to give you the results of the open class for the men and the women as well as the scrub-off results.


Eddie Reynolds kept it low over this massive roller, securing his scrub-off win and taking home $1000.


Dylan Stark didn’t win the cash, but he certainly gets style points for his upside-down stare-off with our camera.


Jordy Scott (left) beat out Kialani Hines for 3rd place on this challenging course.


Cole Suetos was supposed to take on Austin “Bubba” Warren for 3rd place, but Austin ended up crashing and injuring himself just before their matchup resulting in a couple of victory laps for Cole.


The youngster Teagan Heap found herself on the second step of the podium after knocking out some of the best ladies in the slalom field.


There was no stopping the queen of slalom, Harriet “Haz” Burbidge-Smith. The Australian looked fast all day and took the win in a dominant fashion.
Joey Foresta (left) and Kyle Strait put on a great show in the gold medal match up with Joey just edging Kyle out for the win.


Final results open Women:

  1. Harriet “Haz” Burbidge-Smith
  2. Teagan Heap
  3. Jordy Scott
  4. Kialani Hines


Final results Open Men:

  1. Joey Foresta
  2. Kyle Strait
  3. Cole Suetos
  4. Austin Warren


Have you ever seen a more crowded podium?



Seems like qualifying ranking doesn’t matter too much in the final results
Seems like qualifying doesn’t matter much in the end results.


Photos by JJ Squires

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