Sub 30lb Downhill Bike: Impressive

We’re up in Whistler at Trek’s 2012 gravity launch, and saw something that blew our minds. Look at the number on this scale, it’s in Trek’s 2012 gravity lineup. Think you have an idea as to what bike this might be, take a guess.

If you guessed their new Slash, sorry you’re wrong.

If you guessed the 2012 Carbon Session 9.9, then you are correct. Unfortunately the bikes aren’t going to ship with this particular spec.This is a custom build on a stock Carbon Session 9.9 frameset, and this bike is fully ride-able too. The production weigh in at about 35lbs, which, is still an impressive number for a downhill bike. We just spent a day hammering the production model at Whistler Bike Park with Aaron Gwin and Ross Schnell, so far we are very impressed, and can’t wait to put more miles on one. Be on the lookout for a full review in the future. Click here to find your local Trek dealer so you can reserve your today.

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