Not only a threat at competitions, Alex Alanko gives back to the community that built him


Alex has placed as high as 3rd at Crankworx Whistler’s Joyride event

Press Release: Nukeproof

Nukeproof is stoked to welcome Swedish slopestyle ace Alex Alanko to the team. Hailing from Djurö (it’s located in the archipelago of Stockholm, the English translation is literally
Animal Island), Alex joins Nukeproof via an introduction from our Swedish Nukeproof retailer; Bikester.

He aims to set up more riding camps throughout Europe

“Nukeproof is producing some of the sickest-looking bikes out there. I love the fact that it started out with passionate riders trying to improve bikes. I really feel like that spirit is still in the company and as a passionate rider, I feel like that’s the way it needs to be! Keep it real!” – Alex Alanko

No shortage of style

A career high of 3rd at Crankworx Whistler’s legendary Joyride event is a testament to the bag of tricks Alex has (check out his social media @alexalanko for some insane videos). But away from competition, it’s also his work with the Swedish riding community that makes him stand out as an excellent human. Each year he hosts numerous ride camps at his local bike park for 15-20 young riders to coach, with the aim to give back to the community that has supported him and help progress the Swedish scene.

Alex wants to give back to the community that helped shape him

Alex will be competing around Europe on his Nukeproof Solum as well as setting up more ride camps. Be sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram.

We are stoked to welcome him to Nukeproof

Photos: Markus Fredrikson

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