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Wise Carbon Fiber Upgrade?

Q: What carbon fiber upgrade gives me the best bang for my bucks? Kevin, who wants some bling on a budget A: Go for a seatpost. The weight you save is high up on the bike, so you feel it more as you maneuver the bike and lean it from side to side. Additionally, if […]

How Am I Supposed To Stay On This Narrow Trail?

Q: I’m 64 years old, and my eye/hand coordination may not be the best, but I ain’t dead yet. I always have a hard time running a straight line when confined to a narrow track such as a gully or jeep-tire rut. Is there any training or secret technique to stay straight? ?Nelson, who doesn’t […]

All-Terrain Vision?

Q: Can you recommend a pair of sunglasses (or perhaps a color of lenses) that won’t break the bank and will keep the sun out of my eyes on the road to the trailhead, as well as help me see rocks and stumps in the quick-light-changing forest? Jordan, who wants to see clearly A: The […]