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Park Bike Testing: The Airborne Toxin

5-Star Resort Riding At Motel 6 Pricing Designed and developed out of Dayton, Ohio, Airborne’s mountain bikes have come a long way from their cross-country roots. With the Taka being the best-priced downhill bike we’ve ever seen, you can imagine how much we looked forward to getting our hands on the new Airborne Toxin park […]

Testing, Testing: The Ibis Ripley

Believe It Or Not, The Ripley Is Finally Here Ibis was founded by NorCal rider Scot Nichol way back in 1981 when mountain biking was in its infancy. The first bikes were rolled out of his garage shop in Mendocino, California. These versions were not like the technology-driven super bikes of today, but they were […]

Factory-direct Testing: The Fezzari Timp Peak

Utah’s Special Delivery Performance Goes 27.5 Fezzari sells its bikes directly to the rider, cuts out the bike shop middleman, and passes on the savings to you. That sounds like the type of marketing pitch you’d hear from a used car salesman, but Fezzari keeps its promise and delivers your bike directly to your door with […]

Hardtail Testing: The Fuji SLM 29 1.1

Using the symbol of Mount Fuji to exemplify its dedication to creating strong and dominating products, Fuji has been producing bicycles since 1899. Seeing the turn of two centuries, they’ve had quite some time to develop and refine quality bicycles that are often offered at a more affordable price than many of their competitors. Producing […]

Import Testing: The BH Lynx 4.8 XTR

Spain’s BH bikes is best known to American riders for its road bikes. That’s because it first used Pivot Bikes, who has its own line of popular mountain bikes, to represent its skinny-tired models in America. That has changed with the establishment of a BH office in Foothill Ranch, California. The company is now selling […]

Titanium Test: The Vassago Optimus Ti

There is no question that carbon fiber has replaced titanium as the Holy Grail of mountain bike frame materials, at least in rider perception. This is definitely a case, however, where “perception” is not supported by fact. Let’s start off by setting the record straight: there is no Holy Grail of frame material. Every material […]

Big Wheel Testing: The Niner WFO 9

Niner describes its WFO 9 as “an outlier in the Niner lineup and a bike whose time has truly come.” The long-travel 29er is not a new concept, but Niner sought to do it right with the WFO 9. It is a burly bike that can truly handle the rigors of aggressive and technical trails. […]

Bike Test: Pivot Mach 4

Has it really been six years since we’ve tested a Pivot Mach 4? Hey, it’s not our fault. Pivot springs so many innovative bikes on us?including the do-it-all Mach 5.7 trailbike, the long-travel Firebird, and the featherweight, carbon-framed Mach 429er?that it is easy to forget that the Pivot revolution started with the Mach 4. WHO […]