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Born and raised in Pemberton, B.C. Tegan is a byproduct of both nature and nurture influences that have led him to jump straight into World Cup racing, barely at race age. With an older brother who has been racing on a factory team since he was junior, clearly, there are shared genetics playing a role. […]

Crankworx Crash: Part 3 of 4

In Photo 3 of our sequence, we can see that the lead guy, in the red shirt is looking like he’s got no chance of pulling off the jump. Photo by Ryan Cleek

Kona’s House Of The Big Wheel (Video)

House of the Big Wheel Part 2: Hei Hei and King Kahuna from Kona Bikes on Vimeo. Kona’s House of the Big Wheel is built around the four big bike stories of our 2012 29-inch wheel mountain bike program.This video, filmed on the IMBA epic Seven Summits trail near Rossland, BC, features two of Team […]