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Review – ODI F-1 Series Vapor Grips

There are some riders who won’t ride with anything other than silicone grips. While ODI is known for its lineup of lock-on grips, the F-1 Series is its newest line of lighter weight grips for gram counters. We have several test riders who swear by silicone grips and were anxious to try out the new […]

absoluteBlack Launches New Silicone Grips

  SILICONE GRIPS – absoluteBLACK develop a durable, high friction grip advantage You many have noticed the recent rise in popularity of silicone handlebar grips. The reason is simple; The soft, yet densely packed nature of the silicone offers excellent handling and dry performance. The silicone construction also combines high levels of traction, a soft […]

MBACTION.COM Review: Red Monkey Karv (xt) Grips

Grips can make or break a ride.  They’re small in size but have one of the biggest effects on comfort.  As you know, the wrong grip can cause soreness, pain, and just make for a miserable experience.  Red Monkey’s Karv (xt) grip is a simple design that gave us nothing but comfort on long rides.  […]