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Throwback Thursday: Bikes, people and products of 1988

The Trimble Carbon Cross was a stab at the future by designer Brett Trimble. The bike offered a molded, monocoque, carbon fiber frame that weighed only 4 pounds, the lightest frame we had tested up to that time, in 1988. The complete bike weighed 23 pounds. Expert rider Jimmy Donnell looked so much like John […]

Throwback Thursday: Ned Overend, Bikes and More—1988

Ned Overend posed with wife Pam and daughter Allison in 1988. Ned was the top mountain bike racer in the world in those days, and he’s still phenomenal today. He recently placed seventh racing in the pro class at the 2018 Crusher in the Tushar gravel race. Ned turns 63 later this summer. The Rocky […]

Throwback Thursday: Racing in California, 2008

This was part of the USA Cycling National Championship Series back in 2008. The date was May 17th, and the race was held in the Santa Ynez Valley in California, located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. That is Kona’s Barry Wicks leading Tasmanian Sid Taberlay and Todd Wells here. The temperature reached 102 degrees […]

Carbon vs. Aluminum

Bike parts are lighter and offer better performance than ever. The gains are largely due to improvements in material technology, such as switching from metal to carbon fiber parts. These lighter and “better” parts come with a bit of uncertainty, though. It has long been rumored that carbon parts can suddenly and unexpectedly fail if […]

Throwback Thursday: Thirty Years Ago

Our June 1988 issue showed this picture from one of the top races of the time. The legendary John Tomac was lined up front and center, right under the “T” of the START sign. The Mountain and Beach Off-Road Toad was one of the lesser-known bikes featured in that issue. Modern day riders who wonder […]

Introducing The All-New 2019 Canyon Lux

The Canyon Lux is a proven cross-country race bike designed to excel at the most elite levels of cross-country and marathon racing. From the Cape Epic to the World Cup Circuit, the Lux is a competitive full-suspension race bike designed to do one thing, cross the finish line atop the podium. We rode the all-new […]