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Trek Farley: Fatbike Shredding

Who says you can’t shred on a fatback?  Trek does.  The Trek Farley is the answer to year round riding in harsh climates.  Check out the Farley on some of Trek’s local trails.

All-New: Fezzari Kings Peak – Fat Bike

Just in time for Christmas, Fezzari introduces their all-new Kings Peak fat bike.  After a 2-year break, the Kings Peak comes back with a carbon fiber frame and huge tires to tackle all sorts of terrain. Features include: ·         Full carbon frame ·         Tapered headtube ·         197x12mm rear axle for 5” tire clearance ·         120mm […]

Next Generation Stingray: The Mongoose Massif

You probably don’t remember your first day of school. Or the party your folks threw for your 12th birthday. Or your first kiss. But, you remember your first bike. It created an emotional connection strong enough to form an indelible memory that will probably be there long after you’ve forgotten your best day of mountain […]