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How to Pack for a Bikepacking Adventure

Interested in bikepacking, but don’t know where to start? Check out this video from Chumba, regarding how to pack for a bikepacking adventure. Have further questions? Check out our how-to article on bikepacking in our 2015 February issue of Mountain Bike Action.

How-To: Install Truvativ Descendant Cranks

Whether or not your installing brand-new cranks or are wanting to perform maintenance on your current cranks, here is a quick step-by-step, on how to install Truvativ Descendant cranks. Step 1:  Un-package your beautiful new cranks Step 2:  Apply waterproof grease to the bottom bracket threads of the frame, on both the drive-side and non-drive side.  We […]

Go Tubeless: Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit

  Riders who own a set of tubeless-ready (or conventional) tires, but are still running tubes, are missing out on some fun. The advantage of running lower air pressure (better traction) and not letting a small puncture ruin your day is too much to overlook. Genuine Innovations has a kit that includes everything you need […]

Keeping Your Cool: Warm Weather Gear Guide

The mercury is rising, the snow is long gone and the summertime riding season is in full swing. While the summer months offer the longest days and the most opportunity to get out on the trails, they also mean dealing with the highest temperatures of the year. Riding in the heat can be a dangerous […]

Skills Clinic: Mastering The Gnarliest Switchbacks

Switchbacks were not designed for mountain bikes. They were cut out of the mountain way before mountain bikes were invented and originally developed for hikers (with an average shoe size of 10.5-inches, not a 44-inch wheelbase). And that’s where our problems start. How do you get around these 180-degree corners without resorting to hiking mode? […]