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Big Wheel Testing: The Niner WFO 9

Niner describes its WFO 9 as “an outlier in the Niner lineup and a bike whose time has truly come.” The long-travel 29er is not a new concept, but Niner sought to do it right with the WFO 9. It is a burly bike that can truly handle the rigors of aggressive and technical trails. […]

Niner Releases its new RIP 9 RDO

Niner’s Carbon Compaction System (CCS) provides more precise placement and compaction of carbon layers during molding. This allows for there to be more control over frame wall thickness and reduces resin pooling, creating a more durable and strong products, without any unnecessary frame weight. Niner has now utilized this technology throughout their entire RDO lineup. […]

Bike Test: Specialized Camber Comp Carbon 29er

It’s no secret that here at MBA we have touted the 29er’s benefits in many cross-country and trail situations. But with the recent push for longer-travel options, we were curious about how much travel is necessary for the big-wheel platform. Specialized’s Epic and Stumpjumper big-wheel, full-suspension options have been big hits with us. Could the […]

Bike Test: Trek X-Caliber 29er

A Simple Solution   Why would you ever feel sorry for a rider on a long-travel, multi-thousand dollar bike? Unfortunately, we feel sorry for these guys all the time. We often come across riders who have clearly purchased a bike with way too much travel and unwanted ballast for the type of riding they do. […]