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While trail bikes reign supreme on many types of terrain, enduro bikes hold their own by offering similar versatility in a heavy-hitting package. With major improvements to enduro bikes being made every day, these downhill shredders retain a strong ability to climb back up the trails for round two. The ideal enduro bike is one […]


Pivot’s EWS race winning Firebird sees a full redesign with the goal of delivering a faster bike for enduro racing and riding. Like the Switchblade, Mach 4SL and Trail 429, the 29” wheel Firebird sees a vertical shock orientation and compact frame design. Every one of those models resulted in a significant improvement in performance […]

What in the world is fork offset?

Fork Offset Explained by Chris Cocalis Over the past year or two, we’ve heard companies advertise about the short offset forks used on their bikes, claiming to enhance cornering performance. So, what exactly is a short offset fork? We decided to reach out to Pivot CEO and Founder, Chris Cocalis to see what in the […]

Video: Final Sessions at Post Office

Jeff Herbertson, Pivot’s resident dirt jump genius, worked with Alex Reveles and Ian Collins to produce some amazing photos and video from the last days of a dirt jump legend: “Post Office has been a very special place to a lot of people. In 2008 I visited Aptos, and rode Post Office for the first […]

Video: Queenstown LIVING with Bernard Kerr

Here’s the first Pivot Factory Team edit of the year featuring Bernard Kerr riding everything that is fun in Queenstown NZ! The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon, Phoenix Carbon DH and Point all make appearances in Bernard’s quest to live the best life possible. Video by Interrobang Motion

Will I Feel A Difference If I Trim 3 Pounds Off My Bike?

Q: My Pivot Firebird weights 34 pounds. If I shed 3 pounds off of the bike, will I notice the difference? – Rob, who wants a weight-loss product A: When you reduce the weight of any bike by 10 percent, you are going to feel a difference. It will climb and accelerate better and will be easier […]

Pivot’s 2015 Mach 4 Carbon: Redefining Riding

Now in its 4th generation, the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon was introduced at the snow-covered 2014 PressCamp and rolls on 27.5” wheels, features 4.5 inches of travel, and introduces the next generation of race/trail geometry—all paired with the lightest full-suspension frame Pivot have ever made. Whether you are a pure XC racer looking for something nimble, with the […]

Product Test: KS LEV Seatpost

Riders who have adopted dropper seatposts, which can be lowered 3 to 6 inches and then returned to full extension with the push of a button or pull of a lever, develop a love-hate relationship with the devices over time. Riders love the advantages of lowering their center of gravity for downhills, but they hate […]