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1985 – Present

It is not often that you get to be involved in a sport you love and get to help write its history.  But, we have, and oh, what a ride it’s been and continues to be!

Events like the inaugural Specialized Rockhopper South, with racers the likes of Ned Overend, Tinker Juarez, and John Tomac, complete with non-suspended bicycles, along with Snow Summit becoming the first ski resort in the country to feature lift-served mountain biking,  helped to put Big Bear on the mountain biking map and write the early chapters of the Team Big Bear story.  With the conditions perfect and the timing right, Snow Summit hosted the first Winter X Games, complete with mountain bike racing on snow.  Add in a couple of World Cups, Downhill Mania, 4 Up Downhill Racing produced for Fox Sports, a Women’s Only Weekend, with world-class female racers teaching over 300 women how to ride better, and timing at Sea Otter Classic for over 20 years, Team Big Bear has a vast and varied history.

For 10 years,  the Snow Summit Amateur Cup was one of the largest race series in the country.  We have seen National Champions, Olympic Champions, World Cup Champions, and over 20 World Champions race with us.  Our commitment to producing top-level mountain bike races has continued with the US Cup, the California Mountain Bike Series, So Cal Enduro Series, and Crafts & Cranks.

From 1985 to today, we have stayed true to our passion, and that is mountain bike racing at all levels.

Thank you for racing with us.

Tom Spiegel and The Team Big Bear Crew


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