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One of the most important developments to come out of the world of USA mountain biking has been the explosive growth of high school racing. This month we reached out to coach Mike Fraser to learn about the Salem County Reactors Mountain Bike Team in Salem County, New Jersey.

Team name?

Salem County Reactors Mountain Bike Team.

Teammates: Annika Hantho and Sarah Gunther

Where did the name come from?

Salem County is the home of PSE&G nuclear power plant. As the most iconic structure in the county, the name “Reactors” was chosen by Head Director Mike Fraser. Not only does that name have a tie to the area with the reactors at the nuclear power plant, but also to the riders’ responses needed on the trails when faced with hills, roots, competitors, flat tires and the like. The team motto is “nuke it.” Before each race, the athletes and coaches huddle together in a circle to chant “nuke it!” with great enthusiasm.

Which league do you race with?

The team races in the New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League (