Team of the Month: Salem County Reactors Mountain Bike Team in Salem County, New Jersey

Any athlete spotlights?

Buzby family: Siblings Trevor and Anna Buzby repeatedly find themselves with the first-place spot on the podium. Trevor is a junior this year and finished first place for sophomore division last season. Anna is an 8th grader this year, finished first place for 7th-grade girls last season, and petitioned up to compete in the high school division this year. Their talent runs in the family, as their father Eric is one of the Reactors high school coaches. This season, youngest sibling Grady also joins the team. Cannot wait to see what he will bring to the team!

Athletes Sarah and Sam Gunther with mother Tammy.

Kyle Koering 2018 Boys Varsity race at Camp Edge.

Alumnus Kyle: Kyle Koering was one of the team’s first riders in New Jersey’s inaugural year as an 11th grader. He ended his NICA athlete career earning second place in Boys Varsity. His NICA experience and achievements earned him many college cycling scholarships. He returned to the Reactors team, joining his parents, Karl & Heidi, as team coaches.

Families: The team has great camaraderie. It is uniquely comprised of many family ties. Nine families have siblings that are athletes on the team, even a set of twins. Another six families have athletes with parents that coach on the team, and 10 of the team’s 16 coaches are husband and wife teams. Every family contributes in a way by bringing their experience to the team, whether it be photography, food service, health, communications, legal, financial, trail work, labor, etc. Families are building lifelong memories for today and into the future.

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